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Latinum Institute's Blog – June 2009 Archive (4)

Teaching Declensions - grammatical TPRS

Laura Gibbs recently made an observation about the strange way declensions are taught in Latin textbooks, and in classrooms.

It is far more intuitive, and in accord with the way declensions are taught in modern declined languages, to teach them by case.

I decided to experiment with this with one class - the result was highly satisfactory. The outcome of this is a method I have developed, I call 'teaching with the hand', or Grammatical TPRS. This was my Eureka moment - that… Continue

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Verb Tree

I came across this unusual verb tree in a text online.

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Why social networks like this one are vital for the Classics.

Increasing population density, rather than boosts in human brain power, appears to have catalysed the emergence of modern human behaviour, according to a new study by UCL (University College London) scientists published in the journal Science. "Ironically, our finding that successful innovation depends less on how smart you are than how connected you are seems as relevant today as it was 90,000 years ago."

What relevance does this have for our subject area? We are now, as… Continue

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Little Children Learning Latin

Little Children Learning Latin. – Latin comes to life online with the Tar Heel Reader.

A new wave of publishing is currently sweeping the Latin world – but these are not high works of literature, Vergil and Cicero, but beginning illustrated children’s readers, with titles like “Colours” and “ Who is that over there?”.

The surge has been made possible by a new interactive website, called the Tar Heel Reader, developed by Gary Bishop , at the University of North Carolina, in… Continue

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