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Latinum Institute's Blog – January 2010 Archive (6)

Fluency in Latin

Regarding the issue of fluency - my general experience has been that those who are self taught seem to a have more sensible goals, and a more sensible methodology for studying Latin, than students taught in most school programmes. Through not knowing any better, they are aiming for in Latin what they would expect to aim for in French, German etc - an ability to command the language, its vocabulary,and its idioms.

It is a very educational experience to click through the profiles of… Continue

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Greek Podcast

Some months ago, we had a discussion about a Greek podcast - someone from Eclassics started producing the course from Kendrick, and I was hopeful, when suddenly, after a few lessons were posted online, the whole thing vanished into thin air, and the person producing it disappeared off the edge of the earth. Anyway, Latinum is now pretty well established, and I want to improve my Greek - so I am starting work on a new Greek podcast - it will use Kendrick's Greek Ollendorff, and some other stuff… Continue

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A little rant I wrote earlier

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of European history, would know that Latin was taught orally, and used actively as a spoken second language, uninterruptedly from Roman times, until well into the late 1700’s. Universities across Europe conducted all their business in Latin as well. In some European countries, this tradition continued into the mid 1800’s. Waquet’s “Empire of the Sign” is instructive reading. Certain schools forbad speaking anything but Latin on the school premises. It… Continue

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Latinum also has a new social network site ( It has been in the planning for a long time) where only ATTIC GREEK (Classical Greek), Classical Hebrew, and Latin many be used. This social network (which shares its chatroom with Schola) is called ΔIAΛOΓOI ATTIKOI

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Latinum Interface Page

New home page for Latinum, setting out the project more simply and clearly.

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More thoughts on the locutorium

The locutorium is an open space - anyone can enter, if they are a member of Schola, and can use it as they wish. You are warmly invited to come along in, and make of it what you will. It is an open space, and has no 'owners'

The only rule is 'Latine tantum' - Latin only. It is the only universally intelligible language the users of the chatroom have.


There is a synergy of new technologies that has made this possible - three or four years ago, what we… Continue

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