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Electric Archaeology: Archaeology In, and Archaeology Of, Second Life.

I was originally supposed to be going to Dublin for the World Archaeological Congress, to give two papers. Unfortunately, life intervened and I'm not able to go. However, I will be giving one of those presentations anyway, via Second Life in the Art, Archaeology, and Technology: Current Experiments in Interpretation session.

Abstract for Electric Archaeology: Archaeology In, and Archaeology Of, 'Second Life'

"Archaeology is about material culture, about exploring the human… Continue

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Some videos: RWU in Second Life, and The Year of the Four Emperors Civ IV mod

Some videos that might be of note:…


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PMOGing Research Skills

PMOG: the Passively Multiplayer Online Game. This is a game you play while browsing the internet, going about your daily internet related tasks… think webquest with mines, treasure chests, and quests.

You play the game by adding an extension to your Firefox browser. This browser lets you ’sense’ the game world, the activities overlaid on the plain old mundane net. Then, in the words of the game’s creators:

“This unconventional massively multiplayer online game merges your… Continue

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Virtual Archaeology, virtual Latin?

Members of eLatin eGreek eLearn might be interested in something I'm working on right now - virtual archaeology. I've been posting updates/discussion over at my main blog, but the relevant links are below:

Archaeology in Second Life: Where to begin?

Planning… Continue

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Rubric for assessing historical scenario-building for Civilization

One of the things that always amazes me about playing Civilization IV (or indeed, just about any game you’d care to name) is what might be called the

‘metagame’ - the discussions on the forums, the fansites, the

user-created mods. It seems to me that this is one of the most

important aspects of the educational use of commercial games. On

Civfanatics, there is a discussion entitled ‘…


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Towards a Theory of Good-History-through-Good-Gaming for Historians and Educators

I posted the following on my main blog, but I thought that there might be folks over here who would also be interested ....

"What do you get when you bring together educators, historians, and new media specialists to discuss what constitutes best practice for history simulations & gaming?

Well, everything from…


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....so I thought, 'hey! a wiki might work _this_ time!'...

I've tried now, in two classes (one at an online university, the other at an online high school), to use wikis and collaborative writing as part of my formative assessment. The online university was asynchronous, the highschool was synchronous. Both did not work out very well, but for very different reasons.

I think it was James Paul Gee who coined the phrase 'digital natives', ie, our students are immersed in digital media, they understand it intuitively, and we, as 'digital… Continue

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Space and Bibliography

From my main blog - which might be of interest to folks over here:

"In my research, I have often wished to know what kinds of archaeological projects were going on in a given region.

This usually involved a bibliographical search on various names

describing the region or place names I know within the region.

Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I know the name of the principle…

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Places to See in Second Life

Some places to go in Second Life to explore the possibilities of embodied virtual learning (and some are even Classics-relevant!)


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