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Members of eLatin eGreek eLearn might be interested in something I'm working on right now - virtual archaeology. I've been posting updates/discussion over at my main blog, but the relevant links are below:

Archaeology in Second Life: Where to begin?

Planning archaeology in Second Life 2

Excavating in Second Life 3

SLArchaeology or the virtual excavation update 4

I'm also curious to know if anyone has tried to use Second Life's strengths (which in my opinion, is the ability to visualize and make real otherwise impossible/abstract things) to teach Latin or Greek? I could imagine a sim where the building blocks of Latin were actually represented AS building blocks, and would only fit together in grammatically correct ways. Grammar-made-physical, if you will, and so another way for Latin to enter the student's skull and stay there...

...just a thought.

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Comment by Laura Gibbs on January 24, 2008 at 12:29pm
Hi Shawn, I'm not someone with a special interest in Second Life, but I found this very thought-provoking in other ways, too, and I've subscribed to your blog - super! Thank you for linking to those posts.


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