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eClassics member and Latin savant, Laura Gibbs, has a new book out from Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers: Aesop's Fables in Latin: Wit and Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom. She has produced a breathtaking amount of online supporting materials (Quia questions, crossword puzzles, wiki, blog, video slideshow, podcasts, and more).

To help celebrate the arrival of this amazing book, I invite teachers and their students to submit videos of themselves enacting these short fables in Latin. Dress up, take that camera, and go outside and play! The Latin text for these fables can be found at Gibbs' site for the book.

Each class that submits a video enacting a fable in Latin will receive a free copy of the book! Videos will be posted here on eClassics as they are received. Have fun!

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Andrew, what's the deadline for submissions? My middle-schoolers will love to participate!
Hi Chris Ann. There's no deadline per se, but as the book is new, maybe this month or next would be fine.

I have (I think) submitted a video. Right now it is just called Latin Play, so can you tell me how to rename it as PUER QUI 'LUPUS' VOCAT? To whom should I send the school's address if we merit a free copy of the book? Great contest, by the way, first because everyone is a winner! And the kids had so much fun. The "sheep dance" and the wolf /wolves saying "mmm, oves" were high points. Will we get copies for the other classes too, when their videos appear? Unfortunately I didn't get the DVD from them before Easter holidays, so they won't appear till April.

Ann Martin
Now I've posted the second video, de sole et vento. Keep hoping other schools will chip in, but my girls (Yr 7 and 8, The Marist School) feel that they must have "won"!

Ann M




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