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Latin for Handheld Technologies (e.g. iPod, mobile phones)

I'm putting the finishing touches on two collections of flashcards: Wheelock and AP Vergil. The novel thing about these flashcards is that they can be viewed on an iPod (or other, video-enabled, hand-held device) and on mobile phones that have the ability to display pictures. The benefits are obvious in that a) there is no bulky box of cards to tote around, b) cards cannot be lost (or if they are deleted, they can easily be imported back into the device), c) students can review their vocabulary up to the minute prior to taking a test. The downsides that I see are that not every student has a mobile phone or iPod and that students do not physically make the cards (like I did way back when).

My questions, then, are a) what is the percentage of students in your classes that have their own mobile phones or iPods and b) what other useful applications can you think of that would fit on this devices? I know that audio (MP3) files are old news, but what other visual things can you think of that both you and your students would like to have in support of Latin/Greek on hand-held devices? We're getting to release a Cicero performance video for iPod, along with Cicero whiteboard lectures for the same platform, but what else do you think we can do that would be of use for Classics pedagogy?



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There are lovely things in the iTunes store. Search "latin language". My favorites are Intense Latin, SPQR and Latin Expressions. gFlashPro  can use flashcard sets from many online sources.


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