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Fabula 2 - Sepulcrum - Latin Machinamation (TuTubusLatinus)

Follow Celtus as he departs from his beloved camp home and sets off in search of the Chamber of Fate. Once again, thanks to Peter Molyneux and all involved in the making of Fable. Here is a translation of the Latin text : Hello! Behold the wagon. The wagon is the home of Celtus. Celtus is sleeping in the wagon. Fido is lying down outside the wagon. Fido is waiting for Celtus. Soon Celtus awakes and exits the wagon. The dog barks. Behold the bridge. The bridge stands above the camp. Celtus runs to the bridge. Fido runs with Celtus. Celtus and Fido run to the bridge. Celtus stands on the bridge and looks at Geldus. Then Celtus looks at Albion. Cletus is sad. For Celtus loves Geldus very much but he wants to explore Albion. Behold the woman, named Theresa. Celtus walks toward Theresa. Theresa is a kind sorceress. Theresa offers a seal to Celtus. Celtus takes the seal. The sorceress tells Celtus about the Chamber of Fate. Celtus looks at the lake. Celtus hurries at once to the lake. In the middle of the lake is a small island. Celtus enters the lake and swims to the small island. In the middle of the island is a tomb. The tomb is closed but the seal opens the tomb. Celtus enters the tomb and descends under the earth. The brave young man jumps. Celtus swims through the darkness. Celtus walks through the darkness. Fido is terrified. Suddenly beetles attack Celtus. Celtus draws his sword and fights. Celtus overcomes the beetles. The young man searches for the Chamber of Fate.

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