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de rerum natura : pars i : Orbis Terrarum

I made this book with the help of the Tar Heel Reader site, then converted it to a clip using Keynotes and iMovie. All the photos are from Flicker and have been made available for public use. The music is Love Me Sweet by Carl Vine. A translation of the Latin text follows: Behold the Milky Way. In the Milky Way are many stars. The Sun is the closest star. Behold the wondering star, called a planet. Nine planets wonder around the sun. Behold the Earth. The Earth is our planet. Behold the human. Many humans live on the the Earth. Behold the animal. Many animals live on the Earth. Behold the plant. Many plants live the Earth. Behold the land. There is much land on the Earth. Behold the water. There is much water on the Earth. Behold the air. There is much air on the earth. The air is situated above the land and the water. The land and water are situated under the air. The Earth consists of land and water and air. Humans and animals and plants live together on the Earth.

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