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From the student creators:

Okay. Sooo. I had a Latin II project due tomorrow. I had the majority of it done, and randomly decided last minute that for my speech [or vocal portion of the project...since we can do games, videos, puppet shows, etc.] that I'd make a radioplay. So, with a time limit of five minutes, I created a script from my research of the patriot Cloelia from the early Roman Republic.

I sent it out, got the lines, and mixed it all in the course of a few hours. XD;; Nothing like waiting til the last minute. I'm afraid it's not perfect because of this, but it's something short and sweet to listen to. Especially if you enjoy Roman History. Also, the voice that was used for Cloelia was based off of the drawing I did for the class, which although not quite as pretty as the header image, is a work I'm proud of. If possible I'll get a picture.

Please keep in mind this was INCREDIBLY simplified due to the time cap on the audio portion of the project. Uh. I couldn't remember the correct pronounciation for Cloelia for the life of me, so sorry if I offend. XD Also, since there are two versions to the tale that concerns Cloelia, I went with the one I enjoyed most. ~ You'll just have to listen to find out which one that is, yourself. ;D

T h e - C a s t
[in order of appearance]

Aria - JellyBeanQueen2

Cloelia - Shudo Ranmaru

Guard - True_Blue

King Porsenna - Dusk Requiem

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