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Here's a bit of machinime from Rome Total War -- apparently there is also a Latin language pack available for the game so the Roman legions yell in Latin during the battles....

From the author: Hannibal Barca makes a heroic struggle to win, and he did....
This battle was a mess, the routing romans were slaughtered and some of them had nowhere to go so they were annihiliated

I strongly recommend people to download XGM since its such a excellent mod and to increase realism to get better hellenic factions such as Greek City States, Macedon, Egypt(Ptolemoi), People of Pontus, Thrace and the Selucids. I have downloaded a latin voice pack as you may hear, so the romans speak latin not american =/

The result were "Heroic"

Link to the Greek mods and language packs: http://www.wmwiki.com/hosted/xgm/

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