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From the poster, David G. Brault:

The 3rd poem of Catullus, a famous Latin poet, as recited by me. I have tried to pronounce it as accurately as possible, with the long and short vowels, rolled r's, undipthongized e's, and unaspirated p's, t's, and c's.

Lūgēte, Ō Venerēs Cupīdinēsque,
et quantum est hominum venustiōrum:
passer mortuus est meae puellae,
passer, deliciae meae puellae,
quem plūs illa oculīs suīs amābat.
nam mellītus erat suamque nōrat
ipsam tam bene quam puella mātrem
nec sēsē ā gremiō illius movēbat
sed circumsiliēns modo hūc modo illuc
ad solam dominam usque pīpiabat
quī nunc it per iter tenebricōsum
illūc, unde negant redīre quemquam.
at vōbīs male sit, malae tenebrae
Orcī, quae omnia bella dēvorātis:
tam bellum mihi passerem abstulistis!
Ō factum male! Iō miselle passer!
tuā nunc operā meae puellae
Flendo turgiduli rubent ocelli.

Mourn, O Venuses and
And all the people there are that are more charming than ordinary men.
The sparrow of my girl has died,
the sparrow, the delight of my girl,
Whom that girl loved more than her own eyes.
For it was honey sweet and it knew its own
mistress just as well as a girl her mother,
nor did it move itself from that girl's lap
but jumping around now here now there,
it constantly chirped to its mistress alone,
who now goes through that dark journey.
There, from where they deny anyone to return.
but bad to you, wicked dark things
of Orcus, (the underworld)
who devour all beautiful things:
so beautiful a sparrow you have taken from me!
O evil deed! O wretched sparrow!
now thanks to your effort
the little eyes of my girl become red and slightly swollen by weeping.

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Comment by Kenneth Lawrence on February 5, 2008 at 5:04pm
fine, but missing a line--the last
Comment by Iohannes Alatius on February 6, 2008 at 3:08am
Oh, but he reads it; it's just missing in the video description.
Comment by Andrew Reinhard on February 6, 2008 at 1:09pm
I added the last line to the description. Sorry!


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