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Free Greek Handouts and Tutorials in PDF, plus links

While Latin does seem to get the lion's share of attention in both real and virtual worlds, it's important to note that many resources for the study of ancient Greek are freely available on-line. Below are links to PDF handouts for students and teachers of ancient Greek prepared for all levels of study:

The University of Edinburgh Department of Classics homepage has links to its individual Greek classes, the first two semesters of which have hand-outs (including tutorials, exercises, and handbooks). There are also links to fonts.

Textkit is a web site dedicated to both Latin and Greek on-line learning. There are several downloadable tutorials for Greek here including the Greek Aspect and Aorist Morphology, among others.

The University of Chicago has dozens of "nifty Greek handouts" on various parts of speech.

The University of Kentucky provides a few handouts that introduce elementary Greek pronunciation and letter forms, plus some MP3 files to assist students with Greek pronunciation.

Thanks also to LatinTeach for their Greek language niche which contains a comprehensive set of links for teachers of both ancient and New Testament Greek teaching resources. (If someone could point me to GreekTeach, or something like it, I'd appreciate it).

UC Berkeley has a quite complete set of downloadable teaching materials for ancient Greek.

BiblicalGreek.org is a good metasite for links to Greek pedagogical resources.

Dr. C. W. Conrad at Washington University has posted PDFs of his teaching materials for both ancient and Koine Greek here.

If you know of more on-line places for Greek handouts, study guides, and course materials, please post them here, or feel free to submit your own to eClassics where they can be featured.


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Comment by Peter Sipes on June 1, 2007 at 10:40am
Anne Mahoney at Tufts also has some good stuff.

Her current page (though not working for me today) is at:

An old page of hers is at:


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