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This publisher I've been doing freelance editing for is looking for submissions. I'm not sure about compensation and so on, but this seemed like the place to stick it up. It's not a job exactly, but publications help you get jobs, right? Anyhow, here's their blurb:

Gorgias Press is expanding its interest in technology and classics and welcomes book proposals regarding digital classics research, for both monographs (including revised dissertations) and edited collections (based on conference sessions or otherwise). Proposals should be no more than 4 pages pdf and include contact details and a biography of the author(s), an overview of the topic and its importance, a brief description of all chapters, and a summation of how this text will relate to other texts in the field. This is an open call. Please send proposals to submissions@gorgiaspress.com. Please note that we are also accepting submissions on an ongoing basis for our Gorgias Dissertations: Classics series.

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