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When I left Texas for Ohio, I had no idea it would be this difficult to find a job in Ohio. It is impossible for me, for so many reasons, to go through the John Carroll full-time, two-year program. While I am perfectly willing to work towards a license another way, it seems that the alternative certification route is almost never used here in Ohio, although it is "on the books."


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I don't know where in Ohio you are, but Indiana is very interested in filling positions to keep programs alive. Both my sister and I were hired with Latin in our degrees (mine a major, hers a minor), but without teaching licenses. I finished my certification and Master's in my first five years of teaching, and she is doing hers now. The reason I bring this up is that once you have a license, other states generally reciprocate.

Is it feasible for you to find a job in another state and commute, until you can finish the requirements?
I spoke to the ODE about this matter recently. My undergraduate work is in Latin and I'm not certified.

The Alternative Certification process isn't as bad as it seems. If you have an undergraduate major in Latin, the qualifications to get Alternative Certification are: pass the Praxis Latin Exam & take 6 credit hours (3 in methods & 3 in educational psych). The credits have to have been earned within the last 5 years. Alternative Certification is good for 2 years. UGA online offers coursework that would fulfill these requirements.

To go from alternative certification, you need a full-time job for 2 years and an extra 12 credit hours of coursework. The 12 hours of coursework could be done online or in the summers.




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