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What are the best materials to prepare for the Praxis II Latin Exam?

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Honestly, I purchased the official SAT II Latin book - the Praxis II seemed to be extremely similar, but with some pedagogy and perhaps more of an emphasis on sight-translation of unusual authors. FYI: the pedagogy will ask a few ?s about things such as what textbook or magazine is best to teach Latin II about this concept -- and they are not common books. I think Rick LaFleur may have come out with a practice book, but I could be wrong. The SAT II book really was great practice, though. I also, believe it or not, picked up "The Romans for Dummies" to review history and culture - it was easy to get through, and I believe gave me enough of a review for the exam. Good luck!
thanks! I appreciate your help!
Ashley, I just stumbled across something that may help you. It says its for Praxis review. Good Luck!




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