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How do you remember all those Latin verb and noun endings?

Over the last few years I've started and restarted learning Latin with many different books. Right now

I'm close to half way through Linney's Latin Class, and already I begin to feel the same sense of

hopelessness. How can one possibly memorize and keep in one's memory all those declensions and

conjugations without spending several hours a day and every day doing it? I have tops an hour a day

and some days it just never happens. Any tips or tricks from one who has succeeded? 

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A trick I like to do is to draw blank synopsis charts, pick a verb (alternating conjugations every time) and then fill it out! As for declension, for me, the best way of remembering noun declensions was reciting aloud. chanting the singulars, nominative-ablative, and then the plurals: "-a, -ae, -ae, -am, -a. -ae, -arum, -is, -as, -as," etc. Once I had those down, I start to worry about the vocative and locative (which then become much simpler as they recall other forms) to appear less daunting.

I've made for you and attached a blank sample synopsis chart and a simple one of amo if they are unfamiliar to you.

It's good to practice with deponents and irregular verbs sometimes too.

Hope this helps!


there's a mistake in the pluperfect passive indicative, it should read "amati, amatae amata eratis"

also the future active participle should read: amaturus, -a, -um esse

I don't know how much is covered at Linney's halfway point but with the synopsis chart, I would only worry about forms you've covered, fill those out in the chart,  and then continue to work on them as you learn new forms and begin adding them to the chart. I overlooked that you were only so far in your studies when I made the chart so I included all forms, which you will eventually need, but perhaps I could have made a less-daunting chart including limited forms...

Thanks for charts and advice. I have tried to chart things in the past. My memory is not great.

You're welcome. You also might want to check out the "Memory Devices in the Latin class" group here on this sight containing many good tips there as well.




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