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Hi everyone,

Dr. Shawn Graham and I just found out that we will be presenting at MADLAT in Manitoba in May. We would like to know whether any of our friends on this site will be there as well. We would love to see you there. For those of you who haven't heard of MADLAT, I'm attaching the posting. The call for papers is now over, but it seems like it would be beneficial to anyone in e-learning to attend this conference.

I have to admit that my eyes have really been opened this past year regarding the combination of Classics and e-learning. I knew about Moodle conferences, but conferences specializing in the combination of e-learning and Classics or just e-learning were entirely foreign to me. So many people on this site have blazed the trail for us at RWU and given us confidence to defend e-learning in print and at conferences and made us realize that we were the new norm and not the exception.

Best wishes.

Lisa St. Louis

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