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New Latin Prose Composition Course Online at Robert Welch University

Robert Welch University is excited to announce a new Latin prose composition course (well ok, old Latin, new course) starting February 21 for 6 weeks online with instructor Daniel Thornton of RWU/University of Toronto. For those of you who always dreamed of using one of those wonderfully archaic prose comp books and learning how to translate "Ostler saddle my horse" and "It behooves me" into Latin, you will be in the right place. Come and meet other people who actually love prose comp and are not just doing it as a degree requirement. You know you're out there. RWU is pleased to welcome into this course any student who has finished Wheelock or its equivalent. We are eager to have you test drive our Skype conference call study groups and Second Life Virtual World. For further information, please write to Dr. Lisa St. Louis, Dean or Dr. Shawn Graham, Acting Assistant Dean.

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