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This is a re-issue of Fabula I, with a new title, improved pronunciation and a few small changes. Once again, thanks to the Fable team at Lionhead and to Peter Molyneux particularly. Here is a translation of the Latin text : Hello! Behold Albion, a land beautiful and marvelous. Behold the young man, named Celtus. Celtus is a brave young man. Behold the dog, named Fido. Celtus and Fido live in Geldus. Geldus is a small camp in Albion. Behold the wagon. The wagon is the home of Celtus. Behond the chest. The chest is near the wagon. Celtus walks to the wagon. Fido walks with Celtus. Celtus and Fido walk through the camp. The chest is closed. Celtus opens the chest. There is a sword in the chest. Celtus takes the sword. There is a crossbow in the chest. Celtus takes the crossbow. There is some medicine in the chest. Celtus takes the medicine. There is a shovel in the chest. Celtus takes the shovel. Celtus walks to the hearth. His dinner is ready. Soon it is night and a full moon is in the sky. Celtus enters the wagon and sleeps.

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