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This is my A.P. Latin class' final project. After the exam, the class wrote and filmed a version of the Lord of the Rings in Latin. It was made by the A.P. Latin class of Oakmont Regional High School in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, Jocelyn Demuth, teacher.
The movie project has become a traditional part of the after A.P. curriculum. We begin by brainstorming different movie scripts that we might write in Latin. The class then votes on the movie that they want to write and we rent it and watch it. We then cull scenes from the movie that are filmable given our limited budget (none) and filming schedule - two weeks before the seniors graduate.
After the scenes are listed, I then assign the scenes to different students. Each student is responsible for writing one of the scenes in Latin. While I offer guidance, this is done largely independently and their ability to correctly write their scene into Latin becomes the "final exam" grade.
After this has been completed, we begin filming. Luckily our school has a beautiful pastoral setting that made filming the woods scenes of the Lord of the Rings a workable project. Costumes and props were created from what we could bring in.
Our schedule does not allow us to memorize the lines so lines are written on white boards and held off camera for the actor to read. We rehearse the scene before filming it but again, time is limited.
Editing of movies that I have "produced" varies widely. I was especially impressed by the editing done of this movie. The film editor used all his own software to produce the final product. He spent hours cutting scenes, adding subtitles and music to smooth out our production. For teachers wondering what to do after the A.P., I highly recommend this project. It is the highlight of the year and sometimes the reason why students sign up for A.P. Latin in the first place. Previous movies projects include Psycho, The Shining and a film version of The Aeneid.
As a footnote, I might also add that all the actors passed the A.P. exam.

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