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This is a short poem I wrote recently about Icarus.
The first line is a translation of a fragment of Sappho, but the rest is by me:
I've written very little poetry, so I welcome feedback, and any other title suggestions.
Thanks, Eva

King in the Sky

I did not know that I could touch the sky
I never dreamed that I could fly
You gave me wings so I could soar
But my endless desire, it wanted more

I ignored all of your breathless warnings
I looked up high and spread my wings
I ignored all of your wrenching pleas
I flew away from you and over the seas.

With the wind slipping through my hair
I wondered what there is up there
I thought that my wings would hold
Despite everything I had been told

Edges of sunlight reached my face
Where I was longing to take my place
I perched on a cloud looking down
And saw everything on the ground

But I did not see what you already knew
I thought I was king in the sky so blue
Wax-wings melt before scorching flame
Falling victim to what I could not tame

Freedom, knowledge, power and sky
I could feel it all rushing by
Water, darkness, end of day
I could see it all coming my way

Too late your words met their mark
Your lesson was learned in the dark
It’s so simple to want it all
But it’s even easier to take a fall.

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