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Salvete omnes,
or I'd rather say
χαίρετε, ὦ πάντες

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Διότι τη γλώσσα μας έδωσαν ελληνική !

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Comment by Matthew Johnson on November 24, 2009 at 7:24pm
Somehow, "Διότι τη γλώσσα μας έδωσαν ελληνική ! " does not look quite right for either Ancient or Modern Greek."τη γλώσσα" in Modern is accusative. And in fact (και δη και) your use of 'μας' implies you are writing in Modern. But if it is Modern, then why ελληνική? Why Διότι? Both sound more like Ancient or Katharevousa than Modern.

Not to mention "Because Greek gave us our language" sounds like a bit of an overstatement. And there is still a verb agreement problem: έδωσαν is 3rd person plural. But if we read the ubiquitous 'they' as the subject of έδωσαν, then it would have to be "Because they gave us our Greek language". But the word order sounds forced -- and it still has Διότι where Modern prefers γιατί. There was a time when grammarians insisted that the former is Katharevousa and the latter Demotic.
Comment by santi on November 25, 2009 at 6:35am
Thanks for comment, Matthew.
The sentence has to do with greek poetry. It belongs to O. Elytis. I'm not going to interprete it here. Please, read Τὸ ᾽`Αξιον ἐστί.


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