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We are on the third day of a new school year, and I am still looking for my groove. Every year, each class takes on its own character eventually, but in the first few days we spend our time dancing around each other, trying to get comfortable. At present, my 2s and 3s are reviewing before we pick up with the next level, and my APs are diving in to Cat 64 for the last time (thanks to the AP Board, per deos immortales). We are all at that delicate stage where things are new and at the same time familiar. In time, things will settle down, and we will all learn how to move around each other, but for now, it is time to enjoy the sensation of newness that surrounds all things. All too soon sophomores will be juniors, juniors will be seniors, and seniors will be saying goodbye.

Carpe diem, as the old man said, trusting in tomorrow as little as possible.

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