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Browsing the Internet to find meanings and bibliographical references some time is confusing and it can take time. I will suggest the following secondary resource and Journal gateways so that you can start there your quest for information. I have to note that I do not include gateways and sites that you need subscription or pay-per-view options to get the full text. They all free for use under specific copyright use terms.

The very first web-site you should check is the Ancient Greek Religion. It offers a grand number of links but I have to point out that some are only for UCL students and staff members - such as the eScholarship Editions.

The Beazley Archives can be as valuable as the Perseus for primary resources but their Dictionary service is my favorite.

Perseus dictionaries of course will direct you with no mistakes.

The Diccionario Griego-Espanol is one which I use every single time I want to check abbreviations.

Journal articles are extremely important. Google Scholar Search engine unfortunately limits the search to gateways that we need subscriptions to enter - that is bad news for those who are not part of an University that holds subscription. Although not all articles are in gateways like JSTOR.

The Persee is a latest creation of the French Ministry of Education and Research and the Lyon II University - click on the discipline you wish to view a full text Journal contents (some are in English, Italian and even Greek).

The Standford University provides with also a good number of full text books - such as the eminent Zeus; a study in ancient religion, by Arthur Bernard Cook all five Volumes.

The Electronic Open Stacks by the University of Chicago Library holds some of the most important text books for the discipline.

Those are for now. Please feel free to add yours.

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