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Salvete omnes. Just wanted to let you all know that the My History Network (http://myhistorynetwork.ning.com/) is ready to go for 2010! This project where high school history students from around the world can come together and discuss their studies has had some early success and we'd like to build on what we've already achieved.
We've already got several classes involved and early feedback has been positive from the students. This can be a really exciting and engaging opportunity for students to make contact with other history students from around the world so if you're a history teacher I recommend you take a look and think about getting involved. It won't involve much effort on behalf of teachers and the benefits will be enormous to your students and yourself.
When you apply to join just make sure you mention that you're a history teacher and provide some evidence of where you work. We have to be quite strict in making sure that only history teachers join and ensure student safety. If you have any concerns in that regard please let me know and we can find ways to make sure your concerns are addressed.
I hope to see you and your students there! My students would love to meet them...

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