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At 9:27am on May 23, 2009, Laura Gibbs said…
Hi Blake, thanks so much for your comments - I've been really ambivalent about doing the audio online, since so many people seem to have this idea that there is just "one" way to pronounce Latin (a position they will argue in all seriousness...) - I read the Latin out loud just for fun, and it's the same style I used when I was teaching Latin in the classroom, with no apparent harm done to the students, ha ha. Anyway, I am glad you like it. I'm hoping this summer to finish all the audio for the proverbs book since I like reading the proverbs out loud so much. With the fables - ARGH! - I wish I knew how to do voices for the different characters like Evan does. I love the way he reads, not so much because he really does have some good solutions to the question of vowel length, but most of all because he does voices for the characters when he reads fables! :-)
At 5:21pm on May 24, 2009, Laura Gibbs said…
Hey Blake, the new regime begins today!
I did the best I could - I lowered the midi note value, and made it softer. It sounds kind of like a lyre string being plucked maybe, ha ha. Anyway, I hope it is better! Let me know what you think. I actually am TOTALLY IGNORANT about everything audio, so we've exhausted by bag of tricks here I think. Fingers crossed!!! :-)
At 11:12am on May 25, 2009, Laura Gibbs said…
Hi Blake, keep me posted - there are so many different ways to listen to the audio, and I can only test some of them here on my own computer. I'll put in a link to the audio file here too, just in case:
Probably I should put in a link to the audio file library at the blog in case other people are having audio problems. It works so differently in different browsers and on different computers.:-)
At 2:29pm on May 25, 2009, Laura Gibbs said…
hi Blake, I am glad that works - I can use the same audio software to produce that little tone.
As for anything Microsoft-related, there I am not able to help you, but I think I am inspired to do an index of the audio files so that people can access them directly - they all just go PLUNK in this giant folder online. :-)

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