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At 6:25am on January 10, 2010, ToivoΚαιSpes said…
Hi, writing from London Stansted Airport.. we got there, but we missed our flight to home :D shame, i'll tell you better when i'm on my computer, ciao ciao
At 4:14pm on January 12, 2010, Diana Olexová said…
Yesterday I sent you this book, do you have it?
At 4:20pm on January 12, 2010, ToivoΚαιSpes said…
Not yet, actually, i'm afraid it's even too big to be sent.. anyway, is that the exact title? i think i'm going to download it from eMule or some other download site, so i can read it :Dhowever, i've finally come back home from London!! actually, it took me 2 days in the airport to get back...XD i couldn't wait it longer.. we missed our flight on sunday morning and well, one of my friends managed to get on it, other two went back to London, while i waited for the next one alone in the airport..so awful experience :D but it went good, after all, i'm glad to be here at my computer!! what about you, holiday's over? :D good that you learnt about Marzabotto, it will be handy ;) cheers
At 12:27pm on January 15, 2010, Diana Olexová said…
I am really sorry:( Yes, It´s exact title, I have it from avax. I didn´t have time, today I had test from Greek epigraphy. Add me on facebook, if you want:) Iam going to try it again. Ciao

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