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At 5:09am on July 25, 2009, Peter Nickson said…

Small but necessary corrections to your otherwise excellent Tar Heel 'Familia deorum':

1. Iuppiter (NOT Iupiter - it's spelt with double p)
2. Page 7 - Iuppiter, NOT Iovis, in this line-up: *Iovis et Neptunus et Pluto sunt fratres"->"Juppiter et Neptunus et Pluto sunt fratres" (nominative, not genitive).

Best intro to the gods I've seen so far. Thanks for that.

At 1:53pm on November 2, 2009, Fred G. Loveland said…
I just had our department chair in languages take a look at your materials for learning Latin. She said that they are teriffic. As an educator of 34 years, I can truly say that your instruction is outstanding. We are trying to get Latin at the college, but Latin scholars as yourself are hard to come by,

Great Job,

At 7:18pm on November 4, 2009, jlu48 said…
Just found them. LOVE THEM. Please continue making more!
Thank you so very much!
At 4:26pm on November 5, 2009, Fred G. Loveland said…
Hello Anthony,

I have been in the field of eduation since 1975 excluding a four year break. I teach history, philosophy, hunmanities, and philosophy of education at a community college in New York State, USA. I have always been interested in learning Latin, and I have been talking to the language department chair to offer Latin. She was impressed with your lessons and said they would be excellent for Latin I. We have advertised for an instructor, however, they are hard to find. Note: I think your lessons are great!

Have a great day,


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