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At 9:22pm on January 30, 2013, John Jackson said…


I wanted to help you with use of the LSJ with Xenophon, Cyropaedia or other Greek texts.

below is your post

"It isn't really interlinear, but rather paragraph by paragraph, which, to the beginner in Greek, makes it quite difficult. It also does not work with the publishers' Liddell & Scott's Lexicon, as it is advertised to do. I wouldn't have bought either if I knew they wouldn't work."

I think you have a Kindle keyboard not a kindle touch. Is this correct?

If you do have the kindle keyboard then you must set the LSJ to be your default dictionary.

This will allow it to find words when reading a Greek text.

I would be happy to help you through the process.

Don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it.

John Jackson


At 12:51am on March 6, 2013, John Jackson said…


I have just received a Kindle Paperwhite; It took a few hours to find the issue and it was quite simple. Fortunately I have a version of the lexicon that includes the full parsing information. This version is to large to upload to the Kindle publisher site due to Amazons 50MB limit. I tried this version first and it worked fine so then I tested the published version and found that it functioned on words with definitions but not on the inflected forms without definitions. After much trial and recompiling of the lexicon I found the problem to be resolved by simply adding a space before the inflected form. I don't know why Amazon changed way words are looked up in dictionaries on the Paperwhite  but the problem is solved. I will be uploading the lexicon tomorrow after it finishes compressing. In a few more days I will also make available the version with full parsing information for anyone who registers by sending a request to the email listed in the instructions of the lexicon.

Thanks for pointing this out and for being patient.


At 12:03pm on March 8, 2013, Karl Schudt said…

I'm not quite sure what you mean. Will the Amazon version eventually include the parsing info? Or do I need to send you an email to get it?

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