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The Use of Moodle and Virtual Reality in Classics Teaching

[Admin's note: Below is a recent post from Dr. Lisa St. Louis -- I wanted to feature it here on the main blog so it wasn't buried in our discussion histories.]

I am attaching the first paragraph of the paper "The use of Moodle and virtual reality in Classics teaching" which was a joint submission by Dr. Shawn Graham and Dr. Lisa St. Louis of Robert Welch University. Dr. Graham was not able to join me in Nashville for ACL so I did the honors for both of us. The slides which we used are uploaded here and also on the ACL site. The entire paper will be available as part of a book of conference papers which Dr. Graham and I are working on called Classics: An Education for the New Millennium. It will be ready to go to RWU Press once I learn how to use indexing software...

eClassics link to the 8.4 MB PowerPoint presentation is here.

Download the 863kb PDF of Lisa's ACL handout of the same presentation is here.

"This paper traces the journey of the senior academic staff of Robert
Welch University, Dr. Lisa St. Louis and Dr. Shawn Graham, as we created an Associate’s Degree with a classical language component and a BA degree in Classics entirely online. It is a special paper for us because it has been written and rewritten, with new colleagues, at different times, and at different stages in Robert Welch University’s development. Robert Welch University represents the culmination of the knowledge which we have gained from teaching at many bricks and mortar universities, running student Classics clubs, interacting with several different online course management systems and using games and virtual reality in Classics teaching. The two halves of the paper showcase the separate experiences of the authors, but the paper is unified by the idea of the necessity of inspiring a sense of community and encouraging interaction between instructors and students."

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