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I have gotten a couple of recent queries asking if eClassics is planning on doing anything special at the joint annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the American Philological Association (AIA/APA) in Philadelphia, Jan. 8-11, 2009. Now that eClassics has nearly 900 members, we could viably hold our own conference, but I'd like to start with an informal get-together where we can eat, drink, be merry, and talk about what to do with all of this new tech that, at times, is thrust upon us by schools, districts, departments, and at other times is smuggled in by individual teachers seeking to modernize Latin/Greek pedagogy to make things a bit more approachable for contemporary students.

Over the next couple of weeks, please leave a comment here to let me know if you will be attending the AIA/APA meetings. If anything, I'll post a real-live note on the real-live message board at the conference for an ad hoc gathering on one of those cold, January nights.


Andrew Reinhard
eClassics founder and site admin

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Comment by Bill Parsons on October 7, 2008 at 4:38pm
I'll be there


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