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Latinum Institute's Blog – April 2008 Archive (4)

Guido Angelino Mortuus Est 1911-2008

A selection of Angelino's writings in Latin have been posted on Schola


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Latinum Update

Additions to Latinum:

1. Vocabulary learning help for GCSE Latin - word files in English-Latin of core vocabulary to play in the background while you are doing something more useful, like rollerblading. The painless way to learn vocab.

2. General vocabulary building files:

I have uploaded the first 20 episodes of vocabulary items classified according to their subject matter. This keeps the vocabulary in semantic fields, and makes it easier to learn. There will be over 20… Continue

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Latinum Podcast reaches its Millionth audio file download

Well, the unthinkable has happened, and the Latinum Podcast has just had its one millionth audio file download.


This is all the more remarkable, as the Latinum podcast is not simply teaching Latin, but conversational Classical Latin.

Over time, I have responded to observations from users, and tweaked the presentation format. Users tell me that the current format is 'addictive'.

It is very simple:

Each lesson has three… Continue

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Trends in teaching Latin

It is always fascinating to hear of people talk about trends in teaching Latin - particularly when this is aimed at the idea of teaching Latin as a modern language would be taught. Adler's huge textbook for conversational spoken Latin was written in the mid 1800's - at over 700 pages of dense text in a small typeface. A more comprehensive book of conversational Classical Latin has yet to be written.

I have before me another remarkable trendy little book by WHS Jones, (1905) called… Continue

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