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Latinum Institute's Blog – January 2008 Archive (3)


Cogito nos artem scribendi ediscimus.

Utcunque res est, errandum est nobis. Trepidus summus. Sed, scribendum est nobis Latine, in loco jucundus, loco qua nemo litteras emendat.

promulgo http://schola.ning.com/

Schola is a new 'safe' place to write in Latin. Only Latin is allowed,

no other language may be written.

You'll only get comments about your grammar on Schola from other users

if you ask for them. Commenting on other users' use of Latin is… Continue

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As I cannot work on Latinum at the moment, due to my recent septum

operation, and further, due to being in post -operative quarantine

-housebound but not bedbound - I have ****lots***** of time on my hands.

I have started to add the very useful work of Comenius
ORBIS SENSUALIUM PICTUS to the Imaginum Vocabularium, using the original… Continue

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Imaginum Vocabularium Latinum

During one of my more recent forays into the wildly growing forest that is Google books, I tripped over the roots of something interesting - William's Vocabulary for Speaking Latin "composed for the amusement of his son" (ha ha), and published in 1828.

Download The_Latin_Vocabulary Williams Speaking.pdf

As Williams was amused in the writing of it, so have I been in the… Continue

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