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Conversational Latin

For those interested in learning Latin viva voce, not only so they can speak it, but so they can learn how to 'think in Latin', and so read more fluently.

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Locutorium Scholae
(See below for instructions in English)

Quomodo potes locutorio nomine “Userplane” uti.

Auscultare si vis
-est in sinsistra parte index sodalium
-iuxta eorum nomina sunt vexilla cum litteris A et V
-Littera A sibi vult hunc sodalem audiri posse, V videri
1. preme quodvis nomen et hic sodalis apparebit in eo quadrato quod reperitur in inferiore et sinistra parte
2. si velis cum etiam aliis sodalibus loqui, premendus sit globulus qui inscribitur “Dock”
-deinde hic sodalis apparebit in alio quadrato quod a dextra parte situm est.
-nunc repetendi sunt tibi numeri et primus et secundus donec omnes praesto sint

Loqui si vis
-oportet michrophonum habere
-est in medio quadratum quod “me” inscribitur. Hoc quadratum est summi momenti.
-sunt in hoc quodrato globuli cum litteris A et V. Littera A sibi vult te audiri posse, V videri. Preme globulos ut sodales te et videre et auscultare possint. Qui cum pressi erunt, novum quadratum apparebit in quo premendus est globulus “allow”.
- prospere si omnia evenerint, apparebunt duo vexilla iuxta nomen tuum quod est in indice sodalium situm. Haec vexilla indicant te et audiri et videri.

Instructions for the locutorium.


1. Getting to hear people:

a. When you enter, press a name in the list on the left with a green flag next to it.
b. This person will then appear in a little window immediately below the list of names.
c,The press the word 'DOCK' on bottom right of this new box.

(This will move them to the right hand panel.)
Repeat for each subsequent person (You can have 4 in total at once )

So: Repeat this action for each person with a green arrow. Most people will be 'listening', only a few either have microphones, or are brave or foolhardy enough to try and talk.


You can listen, and type responses, OR

You can listen and interact with up to four people at a time.

To be heard/ and/or seen
1. Click the A/V bar right below where you type. What does this mean you need to do, if you say oh my goodness what is an AV bar???
Just click a few times in the area IMMEDIATELY
below where you would normally type, a new section should magically open up.

2. A box will open, and it will say 'ME' above it
It will have grey buttons, one for A, and one for V
If you waft your mouse over these, it tells you want they are for.

Click these A/V grey buttons, so they turn from GREY to GREEN.
You might need to click the settings bar ( right below this) to let the program access your microphone and/or webcam
Just play around.


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Comment by Caligula on May 3, 2009 at 5:52pm
I have searched for your Vulpes et Ciconia viva internet however I am not finding a similar work, at least not in the words you are speaking. Any idea on where to find or buy this story you are reading? Gratias tibi ago.
Comment by April on May 8, 2009 at 12:28pm
Salvete, Omnes!
Comment by Geraldus Malsbary on May 25, 2009 at 8:02am
Volo cum hominibus loqui (vel communicare per e-scripta) de statu linguae Latinae apud collegia Catholica parva artium liberalium ... Geraldus
Comment by ToivoΚαιSpes on December 16, 2009 at 4:10pm
Cur ho_mo est scribendum, non homo? tantum quaestio.


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