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Scholarships/Grants relating to Classics

Salvete!  I'm a senior in high school and am looking for ways to afford college.  My top school (St. John's College in Annapolis) does not offer merit aid, and, though I'd love to attend, it'd be quite irresponsible of me to gather so much debt, so my love for the school has found itself in a cage made of numbers and dollar signs.  I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if anyone knows of any scholarships or grants for undergraduates.

Some eligibility things:  I'm in my 6th year of Latin and plan on pursuing mathematics and classics in college (well, my top school doesn't have majors, but I would double major in such at one that does).  I live in Virginia and am a military brat.  I've been president of my school's Latin club for two years, attended the Governor's Latin Academy, and have very competitive grades and test scores.

Multas gratias for any information you may have.  I really want to be able to afford this school and every dollar counts.


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