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Horace and Ovid reading course: looking for interactive suggestions

(I'm going to try to avoid using the word "game" in this post, but as those who may recognize my name know, that's what I'm really doing.)

I'm putting together a course for the spring in which I'm going to bring together some contrasting poetic texts of Augustan Rome: Horace's glowing endorsements of Augustus' Rome and Ovid's demurrals. I'm presently at work in the design of several of my courses on increasing student engagement by means of metaphors of progression, so I'm looking for resources with which to create such a metaphor for this course. In plainer terms, that means I'm looking for ways to make the students feel that as they move towards the goal of skill at reading Horace and Ovid they are for example moving through the city of Rome ca. 8 CE or moving through a building or, more metaphorically, a person's career.

To that end, I'm wondering what resources colleagues are using to immerse their students in Augustan Rome. I've been playing around with VRoma, and I'm sure I'll use it extensively, for example to enhance a section of Ars Amatoria and or a Sermo of Horace, but I'd love to hear about anything else classicists are doing that makes their students feel like they have a "situated" understanding of life in the early Principate.

Many thanks for any aid you may give!

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