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I am a senior Latin student going into College next year for classics. Currently I am in AP Latin Literature studying Horace and Catullus from a series of books by Ronnie Ancona. I like these books because they have the text on the top of the page and the vocab glossed on the bottom. I read some of the Georgics last summer during a Summer Program for Latin and greatly enjoyed it. I was wondering if there is anything like the Catullus and Horace Readers I own for AP.
I did find this while browsing the web:
I found out that it is from "Bucolica et Georgica" by T.E. Page. The download has book 4 of the Georgics only, but I found a couple copies on Amazon and some Antique online book stores, but no review, so I'm not sure how effective this book is. Has anyone seen or heard of this version, or know of a better study book for the Georgics?

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What a great question, David! I am a big fan of the Georgics, because I am interested in all the legends from the ancient world about animals!

Anyway, I am not sure what you will find in terms of published books, but here are some good FREE resources online:

English translation: at Google Books (these are PDF files you can download and have on your computer, print in their entirety, etc. - all for free!)

Lexicon and commentary: also at Google Books

Vocabulary: also at Google Books

Latin Library text: this is one of the very best places to find good Latin texts online, especially for classical authors!





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