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For my teaching certification, I'm required to do a practicum in an elementary school setting using only Latin. I'll be working with kindergarten and am planning on doing my 10-lesson unit on "community helpers" such as medici medicaeque et magistri magistraeque. I'm wondering if anyone has some experience with this type of teaching and this age group and might be able to point me toward some resources. Currently I'm working almost completely out of "Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency," but it is rather limited at time in terms of topical vocabulary and contains no suggestions for activities. If anyone's been around this block, I'd appreciate a couple tips.

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I teach k-6. I do a morning meeting type set up. We have a greeting, I share a story, then we play a game, and before I leave them I have a small quiz time. My kindergarten class sings. I adapt familiar songs, but I don't translate the entire song in Latin. That Conversational Latin is fun for my high school classes. Touch back if you need anything more. Karen




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