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Has anyone had much success with using Ancient Rome 3D in their classrooms? I would love to get the kids into it for assignments, projects, and quick references during readings. However, after sitting down with it tonight and trying to download all the buildings and features, I felt very frustrated. I am having a hard time getting down to the "street level" views that the intro video shows: http://earth.google.com/rome/ . I am also having a hard time finding how to get into the 11 different buildings that are supposed to have models of the interiors. Does anyone know how to break into these features? I feel like I am missing some commands or keyboard shortcuts. Finally, does anyone have other suggestions on how to speed up the program? I am afraid it may be too sluggish for classroom use at the moment.

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The biggest problem I have encountered with Rome 3D is the amount of time it takes to download -- even on broadband, it is impractical in a classroom setting, because of the delay. If you can do a video screen capture, you might be able to create an online video.
I have not been able to enter any buildings either. While it's fun seeing the layout of the ancient city, it is frustrating to feel like we are "missing" some of the features. I'd love to know more about how to access these too.




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