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Salvete amici!


I just wanted to share with the community here a link to the Kickstarter project that myself and a few other Classicists have been working on -- a new educational card game called CARD-tamen.


The Kickstarter link is here: http://kck.st/okbm91


More information about CARD-tamen and the game-based Latin curriculum that we've created called Operation LAPIS can be found here: http://www.practomime.com/?page_id=195


Thanks for taking a look and sharing with anyone whom you think may be interested.




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Just a quick update for the eClassics community here - CARD-tamen™ Rome is now available for regular purchase at the link above. The Kickstarter Campaign was very successful and allowed us to move forward with the project.




Thanks again for the support and please feel free to ask any questions about CARD-tamen™ or our other major project, Operation LAPIS - a full two year game-based Latin curriculum.




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