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Can someone help me with a few english to latin translations?

I'm getting married soon, and I'd like to put a specific inscription on my wife's ring. When we bought the rings, I suggested getting titanium ones, which she readily agreed to. Her exact quote was "Titanium is perfect. Our love is unbreakable". It stuck with me. I want to translate "Our Love is Unbreakable" into latin for the inscription. Can anyone help me out?

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What a nice idea!

Amor noster frangi non potest

Love - our - be broken - not - can,
which means:
Our love cannot be broken.

The Latin word "frangi" is what gives us English words like fracture, fraction - and there is actually a kind of obscure English word, "frangible," which means breakable.

Thank so much. I've been looking for someone to help me with this for a week now. You've made the words sound even better too!
Once again, thanks a million.
My pleasure! :-)




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